Unlocking Agile Testing in Jira

As teams adopt Agile for managing software development, tools like Jira Software provide the foundation by promoting collaboration, transparency, commitment and flexibility.

When it comes to testing, agile values testing as an integrated part of the SDLC, and testers are encouraged to work alongside developers.

So what does Agile Testing in Jira look like and how can we increase agility in our teams?

In this eBook, we’ll explore the advantages of agile testing to meet business goals, the principles of agile testing, and the tools and strategies you can adopt to embrace full testing agility and speed.

Topics covered

Agile as Competitive Advantage |Agile Testing | Why Jira Software | Agile | SDLC | Software Development Life Cycle | Quality Assurance | Collaboration tools | Xray Test Management

eBook Jira Software - Quick start guide for Test Management

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