Delivering better software using Test Automation

Learn how Test Automation

  • Validates builds faster
  • Enables Continuous Integration/Delivery
  • Decreases testing effort
  • Reduces costs
  • Simplifies regression testing
  • Avoids human error

Topics covered

Testing | Test automation | Delivering better software | Bug costs | Shift left testing | Test pyramid | Automation Frameworks | Unit, Component, Integration, Acceptance, UI and Service tests | Test management | Jira | Xray

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Test Automation Development Cycle
Automation does not do what testers used to do, unless one ignores most things a tester really does. Automated testing is useful for extending the reach of the testers work, not to replace it.

– James Bach, Founder and CEO of Satisfice Inc
Test Automation

Why Test Automation and where to start

Your testing should be reflected in the quality of your software in a manageable way, so you know the risks of releasing a build beforehand.

Automation Frameworks

Types of tests and automation frameworks

Test automation can be used to implement component, integration, functional and UI tests, covering the whole testing spectrum.

Delivering better software

Consolidate your results and deliver better software

You will be able to answer “Did we test everything? Have we missed any important features?" and ultimately "Are we ready to go live?”.